Booking the “Perfect” Pet-Friendly Campsite Can Be Difficult!

Do you ever look back on your previous trips and wish you had written down your favourite campsites or considerations? Do you have scraps of paper all over your house with camp-related information, making it hard to find what you need when booking your next camping adventure?

We have the perfect solution!

Record Your Trip Details with 55 Comprehensive Trip Trackers

The Trip Tracker pages are the perfect opportunity to record your thoughts on each camping location. Not only does this allow you to look back at your memories of your many trips year after year, but it also provides you with a go-to resource for future planning!

Each Trip Tracker provides space to record the following details:

  • Pet-friendly features like dog beaches and exercise areas
  • Set-up considerations
  • On-site activities like favourite hiking trails
  • Nearby attractions and opportunities

Purchase Your Adventure Journal Today!

Are you ready to start tracking your pet-friendly outdoor adventures? Purchase your Adventure Journal today to start tracking the key information of each location, making booking for future trips a breeze!

screenshot of the Adventure Journal from The Kas Pack
$14.99 CAD

Track Your Adventures with Your Dog or Cat

Keep all your memories in one convenient spot while also setting yourself up for success with future planning. The Adventure Journal is a MUST-HAVE tool for all pet-friendly travellers!

  • Create your Adventure Bucket List
  • Track details of your outdoor travels
  • Record memories with your best friend

Frequently Asked Questions

An Adventure Journal is a fillable notebook with sections designed to track your memories and any details about your trips. This specific journal offers space for up to 55 different trips including details about the campsite, amenities offered at the campground, and any nearby attractions that catch your attention.

Have you ever tried to book a camping trip only to wish you could remember specific details from your last visit to the area to ensure that you select the best possible campsite or pack for your trip accordingly? We have all had that moment! This journal allows you to keep all of that information in one convenient book that you can refer back to during your trip planning.

If you want to include other information related to your pet-friendly outdoor travels in this book, like your login information for the booking page or a reminder about specific packing details for your pet, we have you covered. At the back of the journal, you will find several blanket “Notes” pages to use for whatever you need.

No, the style of the Trip Tracker pages are designed in a way that they can be used for any camping location including National Parks, Provincial Parks, Conservation Areas, and Private Campgrounds.