Meet The Kas Pack!

Hello and welcome to The Kas Pack. We’re Britt and John and our ‘Pack’ of animals, including 3 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats. We’re a Canadian couple that enjoys exploring the world around us with our pets by our side and sharing how you can include your pets in your travel plans.

We believe that the world today is more pet-friendly than ever before, and we can’t wait to show you exactly what we mean!

woman and dog outside taking selfie | Meet the Kas Pack

About Britt

Outdoor travel has always been an important part of Britt’s life. Her parents introduced her to camping as a baby and not a season has passed without at least one adventure. As a child, her family regularly camped with both their dogs and cats, so it was only natural that she included her own pets when she started venturing out on her own.

Britt works as a freelance writer in the pet space. She is a pet lover and a strong advocate for embracing a pet-friendly lifestyle, including her pets in almost every aspect of her life. This is where the inspiration for The Kas Pack came from – an opportunity for her to use her writing skills to encourage others to explore the world around them with their best furry friends.

Memberships include:

About John

John and Britt met and started dating in 2010 (married in 2012). While he loved the outdoors, he didn’t have much experience with outdoor travel, but he was open to trying! His first trip to Six Mile Lake Provincial Park with the beautiful waterfront views was all that it took. From that point on, his love for outdoor travel was born. As a pet lover himself, the idea of including the pets in his travels was a given.

He works a regular day (or night) job as a machinist. But when John isn’t at work, he loves to explore his love for photography and, more recently, video editing. When Britt introduced the idea of creating a pet-friendly travel blog, he suggested incorporating video content and the idea of a corresponding YouTube channel was born.

man sitting in canoe holding paddle with dog | Meet the Kas Pack

The Dogs

dog sitting in hammock wearing life jacket | Meet the Kas Pack


Britt rescued Daviana from the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society in 2009. When Britt and John got together, he always knew that Daviana was part of the package and embraced that fact in the best way possible – with all the love and salmon treats (her favourite). She is a German Shepherd mix with a love for life.

At 15 years old, most people would write her off as a senior dog, but she’s determined to prove that age is just a number. Dav loves swimming and hiking. She often has to be dragged out of the lake at the end of the day when it’s time to go home. Not only does she keep up with the younger members of our pack, but she is also often the one trying to initiate playtime.


Indiana was adopted in 2013 from Animal House Rescue in Ohio. He was a very nervous 1 ½-year-old flat-coated retriever mix and both Britt and John instantly fell in love. With a little help from his new pack, Indy began building his confidence. But, to this day, he is scared by some of the funniest things including the exhaust fan on the stove, the beep of the stove timer, and the sound of the bedroom door bumping against the frame at night if it’s not fully closed.

This cuddle bug isn’t the most adventurous pup. His idea of a fun day is pretty laid back – snuggling up and getting all the love regardless of the location. He can often be found lounging in the hammock, sunbathing outdoors, or stealing John’s camp chair.

wet dog sitting on rock in lake | Meet the Kas Pack
dog sitting in hammock | Meet the Kas Pack


Little man Lucifer is the newest addition to our pack. He was adopted in July 2021 from Baker Bridge Rescue. He came to us as a nervous little pup that wasn’t too sure about new situations or strangers (especially men), but his confidence has been growing. He is a spoiled Momma’s boy, happiest when he’s cuddled up with Britt whether it’s in the hammock, on her lap by the fire, or at night in the tent.

This sweet boy had a bit of a rough start. As a result, we are still working through some existing injuries from whoever abandoned him and his littermates (you can see his full story here). We have to make some changes in how we approach our travels to accommodate his needs. But, his injuries have had no impact on his spirit or joy.

The Cats


Miss Pippen is a tiny Maine Coon mix (yes, we know how ironic that is). She was adopted by Britt from the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society in 2009 at the young age of 9 months old. When you first see her, she appears to be the size of an average adult cat. The truth is that it’s all fluff. At one point she had to be shaven to address an injury on her back. We couldn’t help but laugh when it revealed that there was only 3 lbs of cat under all that hair!

She’s a soft-spoken kitty that loves spending time outdoors whether it’s hiking, camping, or just hanging out in the hammock watching the birds. Pippen is incredibly comfortable in her harness, exploring the world at every chance possible. The combination of her fluffy appearance and sweet personality means that she is a hit with other travellers everywhere we go.

cat sitting inside a tent | Meet the Kas Pack
cat sitting on grass | Meet the Kas Pack


Unlike the other members of The Kas Pack, Jinx wasn’t officially adopted from a shelter or rescue organization. Instead, she was discovered at just 3 weeks old behind a grocery store in Windsor, Ontario. She is a stereotypical Tortoiseshell cat – complete with the spunky Tortitude. She’s very chatty, demands attention when she wants it, and firmly believes that the world revolves around her.  

Jinx is a little troublemaker. If there’s something available that she can get into, she’s right there. She never was too interested in the outdoor travel world, happier inside in the air conditioning during the warm summer months. But, after slowly introducing her over time she started to come around to the freedom that she felt when outdoors on a leash.