12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo 2023

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend SuperZoo 2023 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During the show, I saw the newest products, latest innovations, and more from the pet industry. It was a busy few days with A LOT of information to absorb.

But, with our community in mind, several incredible brands stood out.

In this post, you’ll find the 12 pet-friendly outdoor travel products that caught my attention and why I think they could elevate your upcoming camping, hiking, or paddling adventures.

What is SuperZoo?

Before I dive into the products, you may wonder: What is SuperZoo? For those who don’t work in the pet space, it’s a valid question!

SuperZoo is the largest North American pet retail event (aka trade show). Here, 20,000+ pet professionals gather yearly to reveal their new products, engage in education to move the pet industry forward and do business between pet retailers and pet brands.

In short, this is where many of your favourite pet retailers discover the latest and greatest products to stock their shelves.

Interested in checking out what it’s like to attend SuperZoo? Check out our latest YouTube video “SuperZoo 2023, Las Vegas: Behind the Scenes of a Tradeshow”

Why Did We Attend SuperZoo 2023?

Okay, so we’re not retailers, and we aren’t a pet brand. So why did I attend and represent The Kas Pack at the show?

As a “digital content creator” (the label they gave us at the show), I attended with one key purpose: to cover the show and help showcase what’s happening in the pet industry.

In short, I attended to gather information and share it with all of YOU, our community.

More specifically, considering the narrow focus of our content here at The Kas Pack, I attended to discover the latest pet products for outdoor travel.

This meant:

  • Checking out innovative products in the New Product Showcase
  • Collecting information available from brands in the Press Room (there were A LOT of media kits and written product information available for us to explore)
  • Making appointments with representatives from our favourite pet brands to ask questions and gather data
  • Taking pictures and videos to share with our community

There were 1,100+ exhibitors, and from those, here are the products that I was most excited to share with our amazing pet-friendly outdoor travel-focused community.

(Interested in last year’s show? Here are the the products that caught my attention at SuperZoo 2022)

12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo

DIGGS Enventur Travel Kennel

display of DIGGS Eventur Travel Kennel | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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Packing for the journey to the campsite isn’t always easy, especially if you’re travelling with pets in a smaller vehicle.

It can leave you desperate for space… We know the feeling with three dogs and two cats in an SUV!

The Enventur Travel Kennel from DIGGS caught my attention early in the show because it was unlike any solution to this problem I had ever seen before.

Many travel kennels and crates fold down to take up less space, but this travel kennel is inflatable.

Made from strong, puncture-resistant, waterproof materials, it feels like the many inflatable kayaks and paddleboards currently on the market.

When you reach the campground, pull out the pump and quickly inflate it for a secure space for your dog (or cat). This is a great place to relax during the day, or an ideal place for your dog to sleep in the tent or trailer.

When you’re done, deflate, and you’re ready to head out once again.

Earth Rated Dog Toys

Earth Rated fetch toys on display | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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This is a brand you’ve likely heard of before, but in the past, Earth Rated has always been associated with one thing – poop bags.

Don’t worry, they are still selling their poop bags (and we’re still buying them, hahaha).

But this year at SuperZoo 2023, they unveiled the new Earth Rated Toys, including Fetch, Chew, Tug, Fly, and Treat.

The whole line is impressive in that they are durable, designed with your dog’s safety in mind, and constructed from responsibly sourced natural rubber. But the Fetch toy stole the show for me!

Its unique shape allows for airflow when your dog is holding it, making it safer to carry while running around the dog beach or campsite.

Plus, the toys bounce in a fun, unpredictable way and float – the perfect combination for a fetch-loving travel pup like Lucifer.

Nite Ize NiteHowl Collars

NiteIze LED dog collars on a wall display | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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We have been using Nite Ize NiteHowl Collars on our dogs for several years, so they are nothing new. But they did showcase some new and exciting options at the show.

If you have a dog with longer fur, like our boy Indiana, you know how easily LED collars can be lost in their coats. Unfortunately, when they are lost in the fur, they also don’t effectively provide the desired nighttime visibility.

Their newest model, however, may be the solution. The NiteHowl Max offers a wider band, improving the surface area it covers and, in turn, boosting visibility.

They also shared a version of their LED collars with a reflective bandana for added security at night.

Shepherd Boy Farms Freeze-Dried Goat’s Milk

Shepherd Boy Farms dehydrated goat's milk | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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It’s not often that a food product stands out to me at a show like this. There are many different food companies, which can be a lot to take in.

But Shepherd Boy Farms Freeze-Dried Goat’s Milk blew me away!

This freeze-dried product is easy to pack for travel, including backcountry adventures, where keeping food products cold can be a struggle.

When you are ready to feed your dog, portion out the amount that you need, add water, shake, and you’re ready to serve. You can mix up as much or as little as required, depending on your “pack” size.

It comes in a variety of different formulas, including Classic, Super Greens Blend, Golden Blend, and Super Fruit Blend, each with its own health benefits.

I’m not sure when it will hit the market (I couldn’t find it yet on the website), but for those who enjoy adding supplements like goat’s milk to their pet’s diet, this is a product to watch out for.

GURU Pet Company

GURU Pet Company No Begging Bone toy | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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There was no shortage of dog toy companies at the show, but the products that GURU Pet Company had on display stood out.

The company is new (products will hit the shelves in 2024), but the founders certainly aren’t new to the pet space. They have been developing and inventing products for other brands for a decade and are now breaking out independently.

I was so impressed with the level of thought that went into each toy. They had fun, engaging toys for dogs who enjoy all play styles, including tug toys, fetch toys, treat dispensers, and more.

Some toys were made more durable for heavy chewers, while others were soft for the gentler pups and sweet seniors.

One that I could picture using on a camping trip is the pictured “No Begging!” Bone. Place a strongly scented treat inside to keep your dog entertained while you eat dinner or make your s’mores around the campfire, then open it up to give them the reward when you’re finished.

PAIKKA Drying Coat 2Go

PAIKKA Drying Coat 2Go on dog figurine | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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One of the struggles we often face when travelling with our pups is how to handle drying them off after a swim at the beach or a dip in the nearby pond.

After all, no one wants to sleep in a tent or trailer that stinks like a wet dog if they can avoid it, right?

PAIKKA Drying Coat 2Go is a soft robe-like product that features their unique SILVERPLUS treatment. This helps the robe wick away moisture quickly while leaving small debris like sand behind.

It can also double as a cooling robe to help keep your dog cool on hot days. Just wet it down, wring it out, and put it on.

Pet Rover Titan HD Premium Super-Size Stroller

Pet Rover large dog stroller | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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Several companies were displaying their stroller models at the show, but I often notice that most strollers are made for smaller pups.

As our sweet senior girl, Daviana, gets older (she’s 15 now), I notice it more and more.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I came across the impressive Pet Rover Titan HD Premium Super-Size Stroller on display.

This stroller is suitable for dogs up to 100 lbs. It features a flip-down front and an access ramp to make it easier for those of us with larger pups to get our dogs in and out of the stroller.

Inside, it offers four tethers to allow you to share the stroller with multiple pups (but keep the maximum weight in mind).

Better still, it has heavy-duty rubber wheels that allow it to navigate uneven terrain, making it a viable option for hitting the trails with your older pup.

Dog is Good

a selection of outdoor travel themed hats from Dog is Good | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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These adorable products are for pet parents, but they are designed with our love of our furry travel companions in mind.

I was completely in love with the Dog is Good Outdoor Collection. This included hats, stickers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, can koozies, mugs, and more, featuring some of the most heartwarming outdoor-focused phrases.

Each of the products featured an image of a dog partaking in the activity mentioned, with phrases like:

  • Never Camp Alone
  • Never Hike Alone
  • Never Drink Alone
  • Never RV Alone
  • Never Fish Alone
  • Never Travel Alone

I was gifted a few stickers and am still deciding where I want to display them, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be returning to get a cozy hoodie or long-sleeve t-shirt to wear at camp!

Wee Away Flea and Tick Spray

Wee Away Flea and Tick sprays | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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A cleaning product brand that I have seen at shows in the past (and loved), the representative at Wee Away directed my attention to a product I couldn’t wait to share with all of you.

These two Wee Away Flea and Tick Spray products are made with a blend of natural oils to keep unwanted pests away.

While they are designed with fleas and ticks in mind, I was promised they would also be effective at keeping flying biting pests away from pets and their human travel buddies.

The larger bottle pictured is the Lemongrass Flea and Tick Spray and has a slightly lighter scent that is better suited for those sensitive to smells.

The smaller Cedarwood Flea and Tick Spray bottle was a little more potent. You don’t need to use much for it to be effective.

Tiny Tents

Tiny Tents on a display | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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These may not be the most “functional” items for your next camping trip, but are they not adorable?

If you’ve ever walked through an outdoor or sporting goods store and seen the small tent displays that help you picture the tents for sale, then you know what Tiny Tents effectively are.

They are miniature tents, just the right size for your pet.

These little tents have zippered mesh windows, plastic tent poles with elastic connectors, and a removable rain fly.

You can use your tiny tent to provide your pet with a safe place to hide out or, of course, for the perfect photo opp while you’re hanging out in the great outdoors.

Tailwagger Craft Dog Beer

multiple cans of Tailwagger Craft Dog Beer | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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Have you ever arrived at your campsite and popped open a cold one, only to wish you could share a drink with your best furry friend? If so, you need to check out Tailwagger Craft Dog Beer.

This is one product that immediately made me think of John, and (shocker) he loved it when I showed it to him!

With a variety of different flavours to choose from, including Beefy Brown Ale, Chicken Porter, and Veggie Blonde, these non-alcoholic dog beers are a tasty treat that screams bonding time.

We haven’t had the chance to get an opinion from our pups yet, but stay tuned to our TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Tailwagger gifted us a couple of cans for the pups to try on an upcoming trip, and we’ll be sharing an update with their reactions at that time.

Charlee Bear Training Treats

Charlee Bear Dog Treats on a retail rack | 12 Coolest Pet-Friendly Outdoor Travel Products We Found at SuperZoo
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Okay, confession, this is NOT a new product. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – Lucifer is absolutely IN LOVE with his Charlee Bear treats.

But I didn’t feel right sharing the different products we were exploring without mentioning our go-to treat for hiking and camping. After all, we don’t travel without them.

Outside of Lucifer’s love for the brand, there are a few reasons why we adore them:

  • Low calorie, so we don’t have to worry if we’re giving a few more than usual while training or working on Lucifer’s reactivity
  • Don’t crumble or get hard and inedible in the treat pouch, even on longer trips
  • Flavours that drive our dogs crazy in the best way possible (Lucifer’s absolute favourite is Bacon & Blueberry Grain Free Crunch)
  • No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives to worry about
  • Budget-friendly price point  

If you are currently searching for the best treat for hiking with your pup, this is one you should try. With all the different flavours, there’s something for everyone.  

(In the spirit of full disclosure… Yes, Lucifer was gifted some of his favourite treats to enjoy after the show.)

What Questions Do You Have for These (and Other) Pet Brands?

After reading through all this, do you have specific questions for the brands we featured or those in the pet industry in general?

While we can’t promise answers, we have an ongoing relationship with most (if not all) of the brands we met while attending the show and would be happy to forward your questions.

The primary purpose of attending the show and sharing this information is to help keep our community informed.

We invite you to drop your questions, concerns, and feedback in the comments below!

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