Wheatley Provincial Park: Mini Video Review

Located in Wheatley, Ontario, less than an hour from Windsor, Wheatley Provincial Park is the furthest south Ontario Park. Whether you’re looking for a quiet park in Ontario’s southern point, or you have plans to enjoy the many attractions in Windsor/Essex, Wheatley PP offers nice campsites, clean washrooms, and plenty of waterfront views.

In this mini-review, we are going to take a quick look at Wheatley Provincial Park with a focus on pet-friendly travel and camping with dogs (and cats). This was a quick weekend trip with our 3 dogs Daviana, Indiana, and Lucifer – but it’s a park that we are very familiar with and wanted to share with all of you.

At the start of the video, you will have a chance to see the longer (but beautiful) drive into the park. We share our small but more private campsite and a look at some of the more open sites available in the park. Plus, we’ll take you to the day-use beach road, or what’s left of it!

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Wheatley Provincial Park – August 2022

John: Hey, hun! Hun! Vertical, right? No. Horizontal, right? Alright! Off to Wheatley. See ya in 4 ½ hours.

Our Campsite (2:05)

Britt: So, we made it here. We got set up in Wheatley. We’re actually only going to be here for a couple days. We have a family function in the area. So, instead of booking a hotel, we decided to come here instead. This is a park that we have stayed at many, many times. So, we’ll still do a review, but it won’t entirely be based on this weekend’s trip. We’re going to share some stuff from the past, some stuff from previous trips, and let you guys have, I guess, we can call it a “mini-review” of Wheatley.  

dog laying next to a campfire pit | Wheatley Provincial Park: Mini Video Review
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Daviana laying by the fire with a view of Sugar Creek in the background

The site we have is site 59. It is not a big site at all. That’s about all she wrote. So, for us, having the tent and we didn’t bring the KUMA, the shelter, this time or anything. We just have the pens set up to hang out here and enjoy the fire. Dav’s getting impatient waiting for it. It’s perfect for us for this trip, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’ve got a larger trailer or something that needs a little bit more space because there’s not much here.

Other Campsites (3:48)

John: So, we may have had a pretty good, private site at Wheatley Provincial Park, but there aren’t as many private sites. Especially in this loop and around the park. Hence, if Britt can zoom into the site right across the road from us. That is a prime example of it being wide-open like that.

Mini Park Review (5:08)

Britt: Okay, so we usually give our final summary of the sites that we visit at the campsite, but we’ve left our campsite now. So, we’re just going to stop here by the water and give you guys a quick summary here of Wheatley. There’s not a whole lot to explain. I mean, there’s no dog beach. There’s no dog exercise area.

John: Ya, there’s not a whole lot. There’s no beach. Basically, it’s been washed out.

Britt: I mean, there is a beach, but you have to walk to it.

view of a river with trees behind it | Wheatley Provincial Park: Mini Video Review
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Sugar Creek taken from Boosey Creek Campground, Wheatley Provincial Park

John: The road to it has been pretty much completely washed out.

Britt: Lucifer wants to get his two cents in here. But, they do a fairly good job of being welcoming of dogs. I mean, with that considered and there’s a trail you can walk on. So, I guess I would give it. I don’t know. I guess I would give it a 2 out of 5.

John: Ya, I would give it pretty much the same thing, 2 out of 5 paws. Britt: So, there’s your summary. 2 out of 5 paws.

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