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Are you searching for a brand to partner with for custom-written or video content? The Kas Pack is willing to work with brands in a collaborative way that engages our audience and benefits everyone!

Together, we can create content that connects with our audience of pet and outdoor travel lovers while helping to promote your brand with your unique expertise!

Our Services

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Sponsored Written Content

The Kas Pack offers sponsored content in the form of high-quality, educational blog posts that we believe will benefit our audience.

Our sponsored content includes original photography, whether it’s provided by you or taken by us on one of our many adventures. All sponsored content will adhere to Google’s terms of service and FCAC/FTC guidelines.

We will promote any content created on the blog on our Facebook page, Pinterest account, and Instagram leveraging stories, feed posts, and reels. Note: While we will publish product reviews, we reserve the right to choose only the products that we believe will best suit our audience. Email collaborate@thekaspack to inquire about our options and how we can benefit your brand’s needs.

Sponsored Video Content

Did you find your way to our website via our YouTube channel? Do you feel that video content will best serve your brand’s needs?

Our sponsored video content includes all original videos of our trips and adventures with our pets. Videos are published to our YouTube channel before being shared on our blog with a corresponding blog post and across our social media channels.

We work with brands to create custom content that brings together both your expertise with our knowledge and community.

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Product Reviews

Do you have a product that you believe will be beneficial for our audience? We are open to discussing the option of product reviews if we feel it is the ‘right fit’.

Our crew of expert product testers includes 3 dogs (ranging from 35lbs to 85lbs) and 2 adventure cats. All product reviews include original photography, an honest review, and links to your content.

Note: If we feel that a product is NOT a good fit for our community or not something that we would stand behind, we will contact you to discuss our concerns.

Custom Packages

Do you have a wild idea of how we can collaborate? We’re more than willing to think outside the box! If you are interested in bringing a wild or crazy idea, book a discovery call with us and we will be more than willing to consider it! To book a call, email We are open-minded and will entertain any mutually beneficial idea that you may have!