Dream of Travelling with Your Pet?

Our goal is to empower you with the information needed to confidently explore the great outdoors with your pet by your side.  

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We believe that the world of outdoor travel is exponentially better with your furry friend by your side.

Here on The Kas Pack, we are dedicated to helping pet parents incorporate their dogs and cats in their travel plans. We are sharing our experiences (and our mistakes) in our blog posts, YouTube videos and across our various social media channels.

Connect with nature, discover new adventures, build your outdoors skills and set yourself up for success with our tips and tricks for travelling outdoors with your pets.

Are you looking to level up your travel experiences with the latest travel gear? New pet travel gear is emerging every day and it can be hard to keep up with what’s available. But, we have you covered!

We’re always excited to try new travel gear and we’re looking forward to sharing our experiences with you.

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Whether you’re shopping for a new dog bed that will conveniently fold up for travel or a cat life jacket that you can trust to keep your best friend safe in the event of an emergency, check out our reviews. We’ll share what gear we’ve tried, how it performed in a real world situation, and what we recommend for the best possible travel experience.

Are you searching for the right outdoor destination for your next big adventure?

Here on The Kas Pack, we are excited to share our travels with you including reviews of the various places that we visit along the way. This includes National Parks, Provincial Parks, Private Campgrounds, Backcountry Camping Destinations, Hiking Trails, and more.

Check out our must-visit locations on the blog or discover your next travel destination on our YouTube channel.

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“In life, it’s not where you go, It’s who you travel with!”
– Charles Schultz

Travel the World With Your Best Friend By Your Side!

We are excited to share our knowledge and experience from over 30 years of outdoor travel with pets.

Whether you’re new to the pet-travel world or simply looking to connect with others, we invite you to join our community!

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