KUMA Bear Den Gazebo Review

We love camping with our pets, but there is one nuisance we constantly try to find a way around – BUGS!

Over the years, we have tried many different products to keep the bugs at bay, including bug sprays, mosquito repellent devices, and, of course, screen tents for camping. In this post, we will focus on the last option – more specifically, we will look at our go-to screen tent: the KUMA Bear Den Gazebo.

Introducing this shelter has made a significant difference in our outdoor adventures, not only for us but also for our pets.

Let’s look at what sets this specific shelter apart as well as our firsthand experiences including a KUMA screen tent in our outdoor adventures…

two dogs on a campsite by the lake |  KUMA Bear Den Gazebo Review
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About Kuma

A Canadian company, KUMA Outdoor Gear manufactures and sells high-quality travel gear, including tents and shelters, camp chairs, outdoor mats, and pet products.  

The brand was first created in 2014 and quickly grabbed the attention of travellers across the country.

Today, they have some incredibly innovative products like a heated outdoor camp chair, positioning themselves as a brand to follow.

They are highly supportive and involved in the Canadian travel community. They are even one of our brand partners for the 10K Member Celebration in our Facebook Group “Camping & Hiking with Dogs Ontario.”

Product Overview: KUMA Bear Den Gazebo

If you’re actively shopping for a pop-up screen tent to use on your outdoor adventures, there are several key features to consider, including the size of the shelter and how easy it is to set up.

So, let’s start there…

Here are some of the basic features and benefits that the shelter provides.


Dimensions: 11’6” (L) x 9’10” (W) x 7’5” (H)

Packaged Carry Bag Length: 5’6” (L)

Weight: 26 lbs

Material: 230T Polyester (450mm/UV50+) and Mesh Wall

Product Includes:

Easy Set-Up Design

The tent has been designed to be as easy to set up as possible, allowing a single person to set it up or take it down in less than 2 minutes.

Most of the poles stay affixed to the tent except for the three poles that frame the door.

The assembly instructions are as follows:

  1. Remove the tent from the carry bag and unfold it, laying it on the ground.
  2. Pop out the tent walls by pulling the orange pull strap on each side.
  3. Set up the three poles for the door. Insert them into the pockets designed to hold the end of each pole and secure them in place with the ties. They will support each side of the door and across the top of the door opening.
  4. Push up on the center of the roof to pop it up and into place.
  5. Peg down the tent, including the guy ropes secured to each corner.

Large Front Door Opening

A single doorway into the tent offers plenty of space to move your gear into the shelter, measuring 6 ft square.

It features zippers on each side, keeping the bugs out. When you want it opened, simply unzip it, roll the door up, and secure it up and out of the way with toggles above the door.

UPF 50+ Protection

The canopy material on the top of the screen house tent provides UPF 50+ protection.  This is incredibly important for keeping everyone cool when camping during the peak summer season!

The sun protection does not apply to the mesh walls.

To make the most of the protection available, you should position your shelter in a way that you are in the shade or utilize the optional privacy screens on the sides to provide more protection.

dog lying in a screen tent |  KUMA Bear Den Gazebo Review
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How Much Does It Cost?

The KUMA Bear Den Gazebo cannot be purchased/shipped from the KUMA Outdoor Gear website. Instead, the website states that you will need to locate the closest retailer.

You can search for the nearest retail partners using the interactive map available on the company’s website by entering your location.

We purchased ours from Sojourn Outdoors in Barrie, Ontario (and they were incredible).

The Bear Den Gazebo is listed for $450 CAD on the KUMA Outdoor Gear website. The optional privacy panels are listed for $25 CAD each.

Alternatively the Bear Den Gazebo is currently available on Amazon.ca for $444.02 CAD as are the privacy panels, for $30 CAD each.

Pros and Cons of the KUMA Bear Den Gazebo

The hard truth about any outdoor travel gear choices is that there is no “one-size-fits-all” option. Every product offers both pros and cons to consider.

By familiarizing yourself with both the benefits and challenges of each product, you empower yourself to make an educated choice on which will be best for you and your family.

Here is a brief overview of the pros/cons of this screen tent for camping:


  • Large interior space provides plenty of room for you, your gear, and your family
  • Easy to set up even if setting up your campsite solo
  • Convenient carry bag


  • The shelter is large and relatively heavy for those limited on space during travel
  • Privacy panels/rain walls are not included with the tent, requiring an added expense

Our First-Hand Review

Having been camping my whole life (I was raised as a tent camper), I have experience with a wide assortment of dining shelters and screen tents. This includes the more traditional shelters, pop-up shelters, canopy-style screen tents, and cabin-style screen houses.

The first thing that stood out to us about the KUMA Bear Den Gazebo is that I can set it up solo while John is focused on other aspects of our site setup.

There are two reasons why this works so well for me to handle this single-handedly. Not only is this easy due to the pop-up design of the shelter, but it also handles uneven terrain better than the traditional dining shelters I was raised using.

After setting up the Bear Den Gazebo, we attach the dog exercise pens to each side of the doorway.

By doing this, we can use the shelter to extend the space where multiple dogs can move freely on the campsite. Plus, it provides them with a shaded area to relax.

The KUMA Bear Den Gazebo is large and quite heavy, which isn’t feasible when booking backcountry sites. But when we’re heading out on car camping adventures with the luxury of driving up to the campsite, it is now our go-to solution.

campsite with tent and screen tent |  KUMA Bear Den Gazebo Review
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Our full setup on one trip, including a tarp barrier to stop the dogs from seeing foot traffic on the road beside us.


Do I need a screen tent for camping?

A screen tent is a nice addition to your camping experience. They are a great line of defense when the bugs are bad, allowing you to relax without feeling like you are being eaten alive.

During the warmer weather, they are also a great solution to provide shade and protection from the sun.

But, as nice as they are, they are not a requirement. You can easily enjoy a camping adventure without packing a screen shelter.

Can you sleep in a screen house?

While these shelters are designed to be a seating or dining area, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to sleep in if the weather permits.

Screen tents do not have a sealed floor like those made for sleeping. This means that nothing stops the rain from running into the tent if it rains, which could cause problems if your camping gear is on the ground.

They are also not as sealed off, meaning they don’t retain heat effectively in colder weather.

But, if the weather is right, a screen tent can definitely be used as a place to sleep. In fact, we regularly do this when Dav and I take our solo trips to cut back on the gear necessary.  

Can you cook inside a screen tent?

Yes, most screen tents have been designed to allow for the use of a Coleman stove or other cooking device safely.

They are taller, providing more space between the stove and the tent’s roof, preventing the heat from melting or damaging the tent’s fabric.

The open mesh design also plays an important role, allowing for better ventilation.

But you should always be cautious when cooking inside a shelter, even a dining shelter. Combining heat and a fabric shelter is always a risk.

Are screen tents waterproof?

No, unless it is specifically stated screen tents are not considered to be waterproof. But they are usually made from water-resistant materials on the roof.

This means they can provide protection in light rain but may not hold up in a heavy downpour.

The mesh walls will allow water to enter the shelter. If your shelter comes with privacy or rain walls, you may be able to put them down to provide a higher level of protection.

Final Thoughts: KUMA Bear Den Gazebo

The KUMA Bear Den Gazebo isn’t a realistic addition to our gear for all types of camping adventures, but it is an excellent option for car camping. It provides shade, shelter from the rain, and protection from the bugs.

Combined with our exercise pens, it helps us create a comfortable place for the whole pack to relax.

We highly recommend this shelter to anyone currently shopping for a screen tent or dining shelter for their next camping trip.

Have you tried a pop-up-style shelter like the KUMA Bear Den Gazebo? What style of screened shelter do you prefer? We’d love to hear your opinions!


  1. This is genius! Absolutely perfect for camping with your critters and not having to deal with the nasty bugs. I love it! Terrific find, Britt!

    1. It’s honestly the first thing we set up now when we get to the campsite – at least that way if we find it’s buggy or are surprised by rain, we have a place to run to hahaha

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