RC Pets Momentum Control Harness: Our Go-To Adventure Dog Harness

Hitting the trails with your pup is an amazing way to strengthen your bond and experience the outdoors together.

However, most trails and campgrounds across Ontario have leash laws and regulations.

Our dog Lucifer loves exploring new places, and we firmly believe in the importance of leash laws, but finding a harness that fits him correctly proved challenging.

After trying several different dog harnesses, we put the RC Pets Momentum Control Harness to the test on our adventures.

The verdict?

Keep reading to discover why this is now our go-to adventure dog harness!

dog sitting in a KUMA dining shelter wearing a red harness | RC Pets Momentum Control Harness
Lucifer wearing his RC Pets Momentum Control Harness while camping at Long Point Provincial Park

Product Overview: RC Pets Momentum Control Harness

Before sharing our experience with this RC Pets harness, let’s review some of its basic features.

We’ll also examine the pros and cons of this specific harness to help you choose the right dog harness for your adventure buddy.


Size: Available in 4 sizes, from S to XL, based on girth measurement (the distance around the widest part of your dog’s chest)

Here is the RC Pets size chart for the Momentum Control Harness:

SizeGirth (cm)Girth (in)

Colours: Black,Dark Teal, Fuchsia, Goji Berry, Parakeet, Sapphire, Tennis

Stand Out Features:

  • Front and back attachment points
  • Reflective piping for improved safety at night
  • Reinforced at common stress points to provide extra strength
  • Handle on the back to assist when navigating trail obstacles

Five Points of Adjustability

In addition to the standard four adjustment points on most dog harnesses (at each connection point between the back and front of the harness), this harness features a fifth adjustment point just below the chest.

This lets you change the harness length to suit your dog’s torso length for a more customized fit.

Breathable Mesh Body

The harness is constructed with nylon webbing, a polyester airmesh body, polyester reinforcement points, and aluminum alloy hardware.

The mesh body allows for better airflow.

This helps to keep your dog comfortable on even the hottest days, hitting the trails or hanging around your campsite.

Quick Drying

One helpful feature for those who enjoy kayaking or canoeing with dogs is that the breathable mesh body dries faster than many competitor harnesses.

This helps prevent skin irritation or hot spots that develop when moisture is trapped on the dog’s skin.

dog on a hiking trail with a red dog harness | RC Pets Momentum Control Harness
Lucifer hiking wearing his harness at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

How Much Does It Cost?

You can purchase an RC Pets Momentum Control Harness directly from the RC Pets website. Prices range from $53 to $60, depending on size.

Alternatively, many retail stores across Canada and the United States carry their products.

Here in Ontario, that includes popular pet stores like Pet Valu and Global Pet Foods, as well as many smaller, independent retailers (we love to support local).

The prices in-store are comparable to those on the website. However, picking up your harness at your local retailer will save you the shipping costs.

Limited sizes and colours are available for those who prefer shopping on Amazon, but the pricing is usually higher.

Pros and Cons of the RC Pets Momentum Control Harness

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when searching for the best dog harness for your adventure dog.

Every harness on the market has pros and cons; this RC dog harness is no exception.

Additionally, features some dog parents may consider a pro may not benefit you, depending on your dog’s needs and lifestyle.

Here is a brief overview of the pros/cons of this harness:


  • Bright colours and reflective piping are highly visible for safety outdoors
  • Two connection points allow you to have complete control even if your dog tends to be a puller
  • The mesh body is breathable and quick-drying


  • With only two straps around the body, it doesn’t offer as much support for lifting over trail obstacles as harnesses with a third strap  
  • Sizing available for most dogs but doesn’t extend to cover smallest toy breeds or giant breed dogs
dog sitting at a hiking trail lookout wearing a dog harness | RC Pets Momentum Control Harness
Lucifer at the lookout on the Two Rivers Trail at Algonquin Provincial Park

Our First-Hand Review

As an active outdoor adventure family, finding a comfortable harness that fits Lucifer securely was a top priority.

However, as a mixed-breed rescue, his body shape doesn’t fit the standard sizing used by most companies.

We found most harnesses would either adjust to fit his waist and stomach but gap due to being too long or would fit the length of his torso but couldn’t be adjusted down enough to avoid any gaping or fit issues.

After discovering that the RC Pets Momentum Control Harness featured an additional adjustment point to change the torso length, we decided to try it.

The harness is easy to put on; slip it over your dog’s head and clip it in place on each side of the waist.

Of course, the over-the-head design could prove challenging if your dog is opposed to having clothing or accessories placed on or over their head.

We were impressed with the variety of colours to suit nearly any personality, from bright girly pinks to a standard neutral black. Red has always been Lucifer’s colour (his name may factor into that decision).

Since purchasing the harness, he has worn it on several hikes, dog beach days, and two camping trips.

The mesh is lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable for him to wear long-term. After all, if we are camping, he must be able to wear it for the entire trip.

It dried quickly after swimming and was easily cleaned—just throw it in the washing machine on cold and hang it to dry.

The harness has held up incredibly well despite its regular use. The colour is still bright and bold, and there are no signs of wear and tear that would lead me to question its ability to keep him safely secured.

dog sitting on a beach wearing a red harness | RC Pets Momentum Control Harness
Lucifer swimming while wearing his harness at Long Point Provincial Park


Is a Harness Better for a Dog Than a Collar?

Deciding whether your dog should wear a harness or a collar on their adventures will depend on the dog.

Harnesses are a popular choice for dogs in training as they offer better control, especially those with a front clip, but that isn’t the only reason to use them.

While we strongly advocate for training your dog appropriately for adventures, we must remember that they are dogs.

This means there is always a chance that even the best-trained dog could slip up…

It only takes one moment of a dog bolting after a squirrel or another temptation while wearing a collar for it to cause severe and potentially life-threatening injuries.

This risk is heightened when tying your dog on a tether while camping.

We at The Kas Pack believe that using a correctly fitted harness is the safer option for adventure dogs.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Harness for My Dog?

Selecting the best dog harness for your adventure buddy starts by understanding your dog’s unique needs.

  • Do you have a dog that pulls on-leash?
  • Is your dog a water lover who will be getting their harness wet regularly?
  • Is your dog extra small in size? Extra large?
  • Does your dog have a unique body shape to accommodate?
  • Is your dog comfortable with having a harness placed over their head, or do they need something they can step into?

These are all questions that can help guide your decision.

Consider your dog’s personality, unique quirks, and lifestyle. This will help you determine what features are most important for your needs.

Most importantly, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

If possible, take your dog to your local pet retailer, where they can try different options until you can find the best harness.

How Do You Measure a Dog for a Harness?

If you are purchasing your dog’s harness online, check the brand’s website for a sizing guide.

Each company sizes their harness differently. Some use weight considerations or recommended breeds, while others focus on specific measurements.

The RC Pets harness featured here uses only one measurement, the girth. This is the measurement around the widest part of your dog’s chest.

Other harnesses may require measurements of the back length, waist, or neck, depending on the style and design.

Here is a video from RC Pets that walks you through the measurement process:

Do Puppies Need Special Harnesses?

If you’re planning on hiking or camping with a new puppy, congratulations! This is the perfect time to start making memories outdoors with your new adventure buddy.

Harnesses are a great way to keep a puppy safe and secure during training. After all, they are just learning how to behave on the trails or at the campground.

They can start wearing a harness as young as eight weeks old.

In fact, many experts recommend a harness at this age to prevent neck injuries during this high-energy and excitable time of their lives.

While your puppy doesn’t need a special harness made just for puppies, here are a few additional considerations when making your selection:

  • The greater the adjustment ability, the more likely it can grow with your puppy
  • Puppies are masters of finding and creating messes, so pick something easy to clean
  • A front clip is a helpful tool for training leash manners
rc pets momentum control harness pin

Final Thoughts: RC Pets Momentum Control Harness

While we know that this harness won’t be perfect for every dog and every situation, we are incredibly impressed with it for Lucifer.

The adjustability not only makes it easy to fit, but it also gives us the peace of mind that Lucifer is safe and secure wherever our adventures take us.

We have officially stopped our search since testing this harness on our adventures.

We highly recommend you consider the RC Pets Momentum Control Harness if you are searching for the best harness for your outdoor adventure-loving dog.

Do you have a favourite hiking harness for your dog? I’d love to hear what you consider when choosing a dog harness in the comments!

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